Spring Reverb Info Page

This page presents information on spring reverbs.  First, the tech note describes how to optimally use op amps to interface to the types of spring reverb units used in guitar amplifiers; schematics are included.  A circuit for a simple, but wide-range tone control is presented, and a FAQ tackles some of the most common questions and problems in using springs reverbs. A super quiet recovery amp (the ultimate recovery amp?) using a composite op amp is also presented.   Additionally, I've included info on Accutronics spring reverbs and links to some places that sell them.  Finally, no web page that includes info on any topic related to guitar amplification would be complete without at least a couple of links to some good amp-related sites. I especially recommend "Duncan's Amp Pages."

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 Tech Note (revised and enlarged 11/01) 

 Tone control (added 11/01)

 The ultimate recovery amp (added 02/04)

 Accutronics info



 Accutronics' own web site

Here are a couple of guitar amplification sites with good information and lots of links:

 Duncan's Amp Pages

 AMPAGE -- Tube Amps / Music Electronics

Here are a few sites that sell reverb tanks at reasonable prices:

 STF Electronics

 Apollo Amplifiers

 Hoffman Amplifiers

 Antique Electronics


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